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Gene Review

RBBP6  -  retinoblastoma binding protein 6

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RBBP6, MY038, My038, P2P-R, P2PR, ...
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Disease relevance of RBBP6


High impact information on RBBP6


Biological context of RBBP6

  • It forms part of a three-domain form of RBBP6 containing the DWNN domain, a zinc knuckle and a RING finger domain, which is found in all eukaryotic genomes so far examined, in the majority of cases at single copy number [6].
  • Confocal microscopy next established the localization of P2P-R to nucleoli in interphase cells and at the periphery of chromosomes in mitotic cells that lack nucleoli [5].
  • These changes in P2P-R protein occur without a concomitant change in P2P-R mRNA expression suggesting that P2P-R immunoreactivity increases during mitosis [5].
  • The localization of P2P-R also is modulated during the cell cycle [7].
  • Functional potential of P2P-R: a role in the cell cycle and cell differentiation related to its interactions with proteins that bind to matrix associated regions of DNA [7]?

Anatomical context of RBBP6

  • The 250 kDa P2P-R protein is the predominate product expressed in multiple murine cell lines [7].

Associations of RBBP6 with chemical compounds

  • More striking is the > 10-fold enrichment of P2P-R protein in specimens of highly purified mitotic cells prepared by the mitotic shake-select technique, or by synchrony with the mitotic spindle disruption agents nocodazole or vinblastine [5].

Physical interactions of RBBP6

  • This compendium of data supports the possibility that P2P-R may form complexes with the Rb1 and/or p53 tumor suppressors and MARs-related factors, in a cell cycle and cell differentiation-dependent manner, to influence gene transcription/expression and nuclear organization [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RBBP6

  • RBBP6 has recently been shown to be highly up-regulated in oesophageal cancer, and to be a promising target for immunotherapy against the disease [6].
  • Western blots show that relative to G0 quiescent cells, P2P-R protein levels are higher in populations of G2/M cells prepared by the physiological parasynchronization technique of serum deprivation followed by serum stimulation [5].


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