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Gene Review

ST7  -  suppression of tumorigenicity 7

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ETS7q, FAM4A, FAM4A1, HELG, Protein FAM4A1, ...
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Disease relevance of ST7


High impact information on ST7


Biological context of ST7

  • We screened the exons of RAY1/ST7 and ST7OT1-3 for sequence variants in 90 unrelated autism probands and identified several rare variants, including a Ile361Val substitution [7].
  • The RAY1/ST7 tumor-suppressor locus on chromosome 7q31 represents a complex multi-transcript system [7].
  • Suppressor of tumorigenicity 7 (ST7) has been identified as a candidate tumor suppressor gene in this region [1].
  • An LOH and mutational investigation of the ST7 gene locus in human esophageal carcinoma [1].
  • ST7 is a candidate tumour suppressor gene at human chromosome locus 7q31 [8].

Anatomical context of ST7


Associations of ST7 with chemical compounds

  • METHODS: Acyclovir and penciclovir IC(50)'s for 12 HSV clinical isolates were measured in two laboratories using plaque reduction assay (PRA), an enzyme immunoassay (EIA)-based antigen reduction, and DNA hybridization on Vero, A549, MRC-5, HEL299 and HELG monolayers [9].

Other interactions of ST7

  • We have also identified a third alternative 3' end of RAY1/ST7 that uses exons from ST7OT3 [7].
  • ST7OT2 spans from RAY1/ST7 intron 9 to intron 1, and has multiple isoforms [7].
  • ST7OT1 overlaps with the RAY1/ST7 exon 1 and promoter [7].
  • Seven fragments spanning the 11 exons were used to detect the mutation of p53 gene and the four exons reported to have mutations in ST7 gene were amplified by PCR and directly analyzed by DHPLC without mixing with wild-type allele [3].
  • To ascertain the frequency of mutations of the ST7 gene in cancer cells, we examined mutations in the ST7 coding sequence in 48 colorectal, 48 gastric, and 48 hepatocellular carcinomas using polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformational polymorphism and direct sequencing [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ST7

  • In addition, quantitative RT-PCR analyses of ST7 mRNA expression levels in 11/13 normal-tumor pairs failed to show more than a 50% decrease in tumor ST7 mRNA relative to matched normal tissues [1].
  • Mean ST7 perfusion values were different from L0 and LG1, but only mean relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV) was different from LG7, discriminating survival against death of tissue [11].


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