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Gene Review

YHC3  -  Yhc3p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: BTN1, J1139, Protein BTN1, YJL059W
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Disease relevance of YHC3


High impact information on YHC3

  • Furthermore, DNA microarray analysis of BTN1 and btn1-delta strains revealed differential expression of two genes, with at least one, HSP30, involved in pH control [2].
  • Because Btn1p is located in the vacuole, we suggest that Batten disease is caused by a defect in vacuolar (lysosomal) pH control [2].
  • Here, we report that btn1-delta yeast strains have an abnormally acidic vacuolar pH in the early phases of growth [2].
  • Phenotypic reversal of the btn1 defects in yeast by chloroquine: a yeast model for Batten disease [3].
  • Furthermore, the severity of Batten disease in humans and the degree of ANP resistance in yeast are related when the equivalent amino acid replacements in Cln3p and Btn1p are compared [4].

Biological context of YHC3


Anatomical context of YHC3

  • These data indicate that BTN1 is a nonessential gene under most growth conditions which functions in the vacuole in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae [5].
  • Furthermore, btn1-Delta strains have an elevated activity of the plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase due to an abnormally high vacuolar acidity during the early phase of growth [1].
  • A previous study on the yeast homolog to CLN3, designated Btn1p, revealed a potential role for CLN3 in the transport of arginine into the yeast vacuole, the equivalent organelle to the mammalian lysosome [8].

Associations of YHC3 with chemical compounds

  • We previously reported that Btn1p is required for vacuolar pH maintenance and ATP-dependent vacuolar arginine transport [6].
  • Deletion of BTN1, BTN2, or HSP30 does not alter cytosolic pH but diminishes pH buffering capacity and causes poor growth at low pH in a medium containing sorbic acid, a condition known to result in disturbed intracellular pH homeostasis [1].

Other interactions of YHC3


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