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Gene Review

KIF3B  -  kinesin family member 3B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLA8, HH0048, KIAA0359, KLP-11, Kinesin-like protein KIF3B, ...
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Disease relevance of KIF3B


High impact information on KIF3B

  • We show here that APC interacts with the kinesin superfamily (KIF) 3A-KIF3B proteins, microtubule plus-end-directed motor proteins, through an association with the kinesin superfamily-associated protein 3 (KAP3) [2].
  • Immunoprecipitation by anti-KIF3B antibody-conjugated beads and its electron microscopic study also revealed that KIF3 is associated with membranous organelles [1].
  • KIF3B is localized in various organ tissues and developing neurons of mice and accumulates with anterogradely moving membranous organelles after ligation of nerve axons [1].
  • We cloned a new member of the murine brain kinesin superfamily, KIF3B, and found that its amino acid sequence is highly homologous but not identical to KIF3A, which we previously cloned and named KIF3 (47% identical) [1].
  • Furthermore, KIF3B mediated functional modulation of purified PC2 channels by FPC in a planer lipid bilayer electrophysiology system [3].

Biological context of KIF3B


Physical interactions of KIF3B

  • In vitro binding and Far Western blot experiments demonstrated that PC2 and FPC are in the same complex only if KIF3B is present, presumably by forming a PC2-KIF3B-FPC complex [3].

Other interactions of KIF3B

  • SMAP was extracted as a ternary complex with HCAP and KIF3B from the nuclear fraction in the presence of Mg-ATP [7].
  • Tissue and subcellular distribution analyses indicated that HCAP was ubiquitously expressed and highly concentrated in the nuclear fraction, where SMAP and KIF3B were also present [7].
  • Secondly, the KIF3B/B homodimer moves at twice the speed of the wild-type motor but has reduced processivity, suggesting a trade-off between speed and processivity [8].
  • KIF3C is encoded by transcripts that are distinct from the KIF3B mRNA in human, rat, and mouse and is preferentially expressed in the brain [9].
  • An association of this fragment with the C-terminal tail domain of the kinesin II subunit KIF3B was identified by yeast two-hybrid and co-precipitation assays, suggesting that the role of Syne-1 in cytokinesis involves an interaction with kinesin II [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KIF3B


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