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Gene Review

MED23  -  mediator complex subunit 23

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARC130, Activator-recruited cofactor 130 kDa component, CRSP complex subunit 3, CRSP130, CRSP133, ...
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Disease relevance of CRSP3


High impact information on CRSP3


Chemical compound and disease context of CRSP3

  • Although it has been proposed that human adenovirus E1A recruits the Mediator complex to transactivate transcription of viral early genes, Sur2 function in adenovirus replication has not been directly tested previously [2].

Biological context of CRSP3

  • The viral replication defects in Sur2(-/-) MEFs appeared to be due at least in part to a defect in viral early gene transcription [2].
  • In coinfection experiments, the ratio of sur2 colonies to wild-type colonies was 1:1 at 0 hours but increased to 20:1 at 24 hours post phagocytosis [6].

Anatomical context of CRSP3

  • Studies on the functions of Sur2 with mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) showed that there was a multiplicity-dependent growth defect of MAV-1 in Sur2(-/-) MEFs compared to Sur2(+/+) MEFs [2].
  • We demonstrate that in activated microglia the K(ATP) channel components SUR-1 or SUR-2 are present together with glucokinase [7].

Associations of CRSP3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of CRSP3

  • CRSP-2 has been identified in the pig and dog, and CRSP-3 has been identified only in the pig [9].


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