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Gene Review

GREB1  -  growth regulation by estrogen in breast...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Gene regulated in breast cancer 1 protein, KIAA0575, Protein GREB1
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Disease relevance of GREB1


High impact information on GREB1

  • GREB1 was also induced by beta-estradiol in the ER-positive endometrial cell line ECC-1 [1].
  • These three cDNAs of GREB1 shared extensive sequences through the open reading frame but had divergent 5' untranslated regions, indicating the possibility of multiple promoters regulated by beta-estradiol [1].
  • Treatment with cycloheximide indicated that ER directly controls GREB1 expression [1].
  • Estradiol-17beta (E2)-induced gene expression of pS2 and GREB1 was impaired by 50-75% after 24-72 h of E2 treatment in PR-transfected cells [4].
  • CONCLUSION: Our study suggests that GREB1 and HPCAL1 are candidate hypertension-susceptibility genes in the Japanese general population and supports previous studies that also identified hypertension-related loci in this narrow region [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of GREB1


Biological context of GREB1


Associations of GREB1 with chemical compounds

  • Quantitative real-time PCR assays confirmed that in all three cell lines, GREB 1 was induced by E2, but not by the antiestrogens tamoxifen (TAM) or ICI 182,780 [7].
  • Long-range histone acetylation, centered on the three ERE motifs and the GREB1 core promoters, was observed in response to estrogen but not to tamoxifen [8].

Physical interactions of GREB1


Regulatory relationships of GREB1


Other interactions of GREB1


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