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Chemical Compound Review

Cytovene     2-amino-9-(1,3- dihydroxypropan-2...

Synonyms: Cymevene, Citovirax, Cymevan, Cymeven, Gancyclovir, ...
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Gene context of Gancyclovir

  • We then showed that additional ribozymes directed against PSMA7 RNA inhibited HCV IRES activity in two assay systems: GCV resistance in the HeLa IRES TK reporter cell system and a transient transfection assay performed with a bicistronic Renilla-HCV IRES-firefly luciferase reporter in Huh7 cells [28].
  • Combinational injection of a single dose of Ad5-hTERT-E1 and Ad5-RSV-hsvTK vector resulted in significant tumor suppression and regression after ganciclovir treatment [29].
  • In addition, ganciclovir reduced the number of enteroendocrine cells producing gastric inhibitory polypeptide, substance-P, somatostatin and serotonin [30].
  • Inhibition of HCMV DNA synthesis by ganciclovir did not influence TSP-1 reduction whereas the antisense oligonucleotide ISIS 2922, complementary to HCMV immediate-early mRNA, completely prevented the HCMV-mediated TSP-1 suppression [31].
  • In summary, we demonstrated the selective targeting of colorectal cancers with activated beta-catenin by AdTOP-CMV-TK and GCV treatment in animal models, as well as its therapeutic potential for colon cancer metastasized to liver [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gancyclovir


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