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Sick Leave

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Disease relevance of Sick Leave

  • The aims of this study of a cross-sectional multiple sclerosis (MS) population in Västerbotten County, northern Sweden, were to estimate the prevalence of sick leave, professional assistance and housing; to study risk factors for sick leave; and to estimate the odds for sick leave in comparison with the general population of the county [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study indicate that acute treatment with high-dose methylprednisolone may be beneficial in preventing extensive sick leave after whiplash injury [2].
  • COPD patients, who had informed the employer or colleagues about the disease, who did not have difficult tasks at work, who did not hide dyspnea and limitations, and who reported high fatigue were showing higher sick leave [3].
  • SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Light multidisciplinary programs seem to reduce sick leave in patients with subacute low back pain [4].
  • In the TAPP group postoperative pain and analgesic consumption were less, postoperative functional status was better, and sick leave was shorter (10 vs. 14 days) [5].

High impact information on Sick Leave

  • After a 5-year followup, the cumulative number of days of sick leave and RA-related permanent work disability was calculated for each of the 162 patients who were available for the active work force at baseline [6].
  • Prognostic factors for the occurrence of longterm disability and prolonged sick leave were determined in 182 patients with ankylosing spondylitis [7].
  • Amantadine costs $9.06 per illness day avoided or $11.60 per quality-adjusted day gained [8].
  • Compared with amantadine, zanamivir costs $198 per illness day avoided or $185 per quality-adjusted day gained, whereas oseltamivir costs $252 per illness day avoided or $235 per quality-adjusted day gained [8].
  • Of the known diabetic patients, > 80% recalled having been instructed as to blood glucose testing and acute and chronic complications, but fewer patients recalled having been instructed as to insulin dose adjustment (28%) or sick day management (35%) [9].

Biological context of Sick Leave

  • Awareness was defined as answering positively to the question 'did a physician ever tell you that your blood pressure/serum cholesterol was too high?' Sick leave data were independently and objectively recorded during 1 year following the screening [10].

Anatomical context of Sick Leave

  • Total sick-leave cost in Norway associated with surgical third-molar removals, adjusted for age-related income, employment rate, treatment rate, and provider of treatment, was 46.4 million NOK per year [11].

Associations of Sick Leave with chemical compounds

  • Insufficiently frequent blood glucose monitoring, failure by patients to detect mechanical and technical problems with infusion systems, failure to adhere to "sick day" regimens, and delay in seeking medical help all contributed to the progression of a number of episodes [12].
  • RESULTS--Multidisciplinary diabetes team residents were significantly more positive about the roles for endocrinological evaluation in monitoring compliance, for the nurse educator/certified diabetes educator in assisting with sick-day management and school behavioral problems, and for the dietician in helping with cholesterol problems [13].
  • Although urine testing for ketones has been the standard approach to sick-day management, new technology for self-monitoring of blood 3HB levels is now available [14].
  • Number of days on sick leave decreased significantly in the sulphasalazine group only (P < 0.01) [15].
  • This study demonstrates a significant reduction in sick-leave days after four months of NAC-treatment [16].

Gene context of Sick Leave

  • A decreased expression of CD25 correlates linearly with increasing SIS and with a higher number of sick days with URI [17].
  • Knowledge about asthma and COPD: associations with sick leave, health complaints, functional limitations, adaptation, and perceived control [18].
  • Costs due to RA-related sick leave, work disability, and other work loss were assessed using the human capital approach [19].
  • This may explain the reduction in days of sick leave seen during GH therapy [20].
  • Infected evaluable subjects who received treatment had reduced rhinorrhea scores (compared with those who received placebo) on illness days 2 (0.7 vs. 1.0; P = .04) and 3 (0.6 vs. 0.9; P = .04) and had reduced nasal secretion weights on day 3 (3.6 g vs. 6.3 g; P = .03) [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sick Leave

  • Salivary cortisol was not affected by age, body mass index, gender, smoking habits or days of sick leave during the past year [22].
  • Nevertheless, IVF/ICSI twin mothers were more frequently on sick leave (OR 2.5, 95% CI 1.5-4.0) and hospitalized (OR 1.9, 95% CI 1.3-2.8) during pregnancy [23].
  • We collected and compared the data of clinic visits and hours of sick leave among vaccinated and non-vaccinated workers during January and April in 1998 and 1999 [24].


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