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Disease relevance of Chyle

  • INTERVENTION: Patients with chylothorax were treated primarily with fat-free oral nutrition; if chyle did not stop, total parenteral nutrition with total enteric rest was started [1].
  • Treatment of the postoperative chyle fistula consists of elimination of long chain triglycerides from the diet and use of a medium chain triglyceride diet (Portagen), or oral feedings may be discontinued and intravenous fluids used exclusively [2].

High impact information on Chyle

  • Both triglyceride content and volume of chyle declined, but drainage persisted, ultimately requiring thoracic duct ligation [3].
  • Analysis of 3H and 14C in different molecular species of PI and PC in chyle and in serum indicated that there was no significant difference in disappearance rates between various species, stearoyl-arachidonyl PI thus disappearing at the same rate as total [3H]PI [4].
  • LPL and HL may, however, be of limited importance for the clearance of chyle PI in vivo, most of the chylomicron PI being transferred to HDL, and thereafter eliminated from plasma at a slow rate mainly by other mechanisms [4].
  • Most of the cholesterol in intestinal chyle and chylomicrons is derived from plasma [5].
  • Our aim was to determine how much plasma low density (LDL) and high density (HDL) lipoproteins contribute to the cholesterol in chyle and chylomicrons, and to examine how plasma cholesterol becomes associated with lymph chylomicrons [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Chyle


Biological context of Chyle


Anatomical context of Chyle


Associations of Chyle with chemical compounds

  • Apart from reducing chyle output, octreotide decreased the triglyceride content of the pleural fluid [11].
  • In the chyle, triacylglycerol was the major lipid but X-1,2-diacyl-3-S-tetradecyl-3-thioglycerol-S-oxide constituted 8% of lipid weight [12].
  • The appearace of oleic acid with different labels in chyle and intestinal lipids did not differ, indicating the absence of stereospecificity in fat digestion [13].
  • Effects of chloroquine and colchicine on the degradation of chyle cholesteryl ester and phospholipids in vivo [14].
  • Chyle phospholipids contained largely endogenous fatty acids, and the proportion of lauric acid was very low [13].

Gene context of Chyle

  • The IGFBPs profile in chyle, especially IGFBP-3, was different from that of serum [15].
  • However, the size and relative amount of IGFBP-1 and -2 in chyle were similar to serum [15].
  • Letter: Simple test for chyle in the urine [16].
  • Thereafter, continuous somatostatin infusion for 14 days led to the reduction and finally cessation of chyle production [17].
  • The total amount of chyle ranged from 1.9 L to 27.9 L per patient with a mean of 7.9 L (pneumonectomy 12.3 L and lobectomy 6.3 L) [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chyle


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