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Disease relevance of Capillaria

  • Similarities and differences in antigenic humoral responses and electrophoretic patterns between Capillaria hepatica and pig-serum were investigated as a contribution to the understanding of hepatic fibrosis induced by the parenteral administration of foreign proteins [1].
  • This antigen was able to detect anti-Capillaria antibodies in the sera of infected cases at the same OD level produced with Capillaria crude worm antigen using indirect ELISA technique C. philippenensis coproantigen did not cross-react with sera from patients with schistosomiasis mansoni, fascioliasis or strongyloidiasis at 1:00 serum dilution [2].

High impact information on Capillaria


Associations of Capillaria with chemical compounds

  • Laying broiler breeder hens infected with Capillaria obsignata were treated with in-feed fenbendazole either at a dose of 30 ppm for six days or 80 ppm for three days [5].
  • After two treatments with febantel against Capillaria in heavily infected pigeons the FECR amounted to 96.7% and worm reduction was 95% [8].
  • Physocephalus sexalatus, A. suum, Capillaria sp. and M. hirudinaceus were found only in wild boars collected from one area (National Hunting Reserve of Cortes de Pallás) [9].

Gene context of Capillaria

  • A highly specific pattern of immunofluorescence was noted when sera from Capillaria hepatica-infected rats were tested against the homologous worms and eggs present either in paraffin or cryostat sections from mouse liver [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Capillaria

  • Laboratory-prepared hyperimmune sera versus crude worm antigen of C. philippinensis succeeded in capturing Capillaria antigen prepared from the stools of infected patients and did not cross react with coproantigens prepared from stool samples of cases infected with S. mansoni or Fasciola using sandwich ELISA technique [2].


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