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Hemophilia B

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Disease relevance of Hemophilia B


High impact information on Hemophilia B

  • DXS102 is close to the hemophilia-B locus (z[theta] = 13.6 at theta = .02) and might thus be used as an alternative probe for diagnosis in Hemophila-B families not informative for intragenic RFLPs [6].
  • We report a quantitative protein C deficiency combined with a factor IX deficiency in a one-year-old boy [7].
  • Characterization of the original Christmas disease mutation (cysteine 206----serine): from clinical recognition to molecular pathogenesis [8].
  • Previously, from the plasma of unrelated haemophilia-B patients, we isolated two non-functional Factor IX variants, namely Los Angeles (IXLA) and Long Beach (IXLB) [9].
  • Prevention of a secondary response to factor IX by cyclophosphamide was attempted in an 11 year old patient with severe Christmas disease [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hemophilia B


Gene context of Hemophilia B


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hemophilia B


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