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Disease relevance of Afibrinogenemia


High impact information on Afibrinogenemia


Chemical compound and disease context of Afibrinogenemia


Biological context of Afibrinogenemia


Anatomical context of Afibrinogenemia

  • Our results confirm the utility of transfecting COS-7 cells to study mRNA splice-site mutations and demonstrate that the common FGA IVS4 variant is a null mutation leading to afibrinogenemia [15].

Gene context of Afibrinogenemia

  • The coincidence of fibronectin with mononuclear cells was more apparent in a 48-h DH reaction from a patient with congenital afibrinogenemia [1].
  • BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Congenital afibrinogenemia is a rare coagulation disorder whose molecular basis is still poorly characterized [16].
  • A rare association of congenital afibrinogenemia and hereditary protein C deficiency is described in a 37-year-old female who suffered from ischemic necrosis in the left first toe [17].
  • Coexistence of congenital afibrinogenemia and protein C deficiency in a patient [17].
  • The the authors' knowledge, the case described by them is the first in which PC deficit is associated with afibrinogenemia [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Afibrinogenemia


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