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Tumor Stem Cells

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  • Future studies will explore the possible role of ABCG2 in tumor stem cells and how this may influence the selection of new cancer therapeutic strategies [16].
  • Although instability could not be eliminated as a contributing factor, IFN-beta had significantly less growth inhibitory potency for cells from ovarian cancers when compared simultaneously with native IFN-alpha in the human tumor stem cell assay (HTSCA) [17].
  • The antitumor activity of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) against various primarily cultured human cancer cells (32 cases) was investigated by the 51Cr cytotoxic release assay and the tumor stem cell assay [18].
  • CONCLUSION: Our results provide evidence that the majority of Schwannian and neuroblastic cells in stage 4 NB are of neoplastic origin, and support the hypothesis of a tumor stem cell capable of development along multiple lineages [19].
  • We investigated the effects and interactions of epidermal growth factor (EGF), insulin, hydrocortisone, and estradiol on the growth of 18 freshly obtained human tumors in our human tumor stem cell assay (HTSCA) cultured at a reduced serum concentration (8.5% ml) [20].


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