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Vision Screening

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Disease relevance of Vision Screening


High impact information on Vision Screening

  • Peripheral vision screening for driving in retinitis pigmentosa patients [5].
  • Information on factors that might be associated with myopia was collected from parents or guardians by self-administered questionnaires distributed before the vision screening [6].
  • Patients with PCA were less accurate on the Cortical Vision Screening Test (t = 6.0; p < 0.001) and in copying the Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure (t = 6.0; p < 0.001), in comparison to the tAD group [7].
  • PURPOSE: Nova Scotia has a vision screening program which assesses children aged 4[1\2] to 5[1\2] years [8].
  • METHODS: Children ages 8 to 15 years were recruited from two public and 2 private elementary schools in Southern California. The CI Symptom Survey (CISS) was administered to all children before a Modified Clinical Technique vision screening [9].

Biological context of Vision Screening

  • During a vision screening of 6,556 National Service pre-enlistees aged 18-19 years at the Medical Classification Centre of Central Manpower Base, 48 subjects were found to have visual acuity of 6/12 or less in one or both eyes in the absence of ocular pathology [10].
  • This article discusses a statewide vision screening program that utilizes trained and certified vision screening technicians under the auspices of the Department of Public Health. Public Act 81-174, the Child Vision and Hearing Test Act, mandates periodic vision screening of children using accepted and approved instruments and standards [11].

Associations of Vision Screening with chemical compounds

  • Following last month's article on the Display Screen Equipment Regulations Hazel Montague looks at this specific duty and describes how one company has taken a proactive approach to setting up a vision screening programme [12].

Gene context of Vision Screening

  • Binocular Polaroid Test for vision screening of pre-school age children [13].
  • Preliminary report of the Colorado School Vision Screening Interdisciplinary Task Force [14].
  • We take a look at the challenges school nurses face, and an AOA program designed to reach out to them and improve the quality of vision screenings [15].
  • The ninth systematic review (Snowdon and Stewart-Brown 1997) from the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination concludes that the lack of good evidence about the effectiveness of preschool vision screening justifies the withdrawal of the programme [16].
  • This week's report in Nursing Standard (p44) looks at the issues of vision screening for primary school children [17].


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