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Disease relevance of Strabismus

  • The results of this study raise the possibility that diltiazem may be used as an alternative to the surgical treatment of strabismus and other oculomotor dysfunctions including blepharospasm [1].
  • PURPOSE: To examine baseline measurements of accommodative lag, phoria, reading distance, amount of near work, and level of myopia as risk factors for progression of myopia and their interaction with treatment over 3 years, in children enrolled in the Correction of Myopia Evaluation Trial (COMET) [2].
  • A new monoclonal antibody to the NMDA receptor subunit 1 (NMDA-R1) has been used to localize and compare the distribution of the receptors in the primary visual cortex of normal cats and those raised with either amblyopia induced by monocular optical blur or monocular esotropic strabismus [3].
  • Apart from a small increase (mean, 2 prism dipoters; p = 0.004) in their exophoria at near, normal subjects exhibited no significant change in their phorias after Tensilon injection [4].
  • When further surgery is planned after retinal detachment cyclodiathermy or strabismus operations, fluorescein angiography is a useful indicator of the vascular status of the iris and hence of the possibility of necrosis of the anterior segment [5].

High impact information on Strabismus


Chemical compound and disease context of Strabismus

  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and sodium hyaluronate in adjustable strabismus surgery [10].
  • AIM: To present our experience with single-stage adjustable strabismus surgery (SSASS) under topical anesthesia and propofol [11].
  • RESULTS: Release of the IOI muscle reduced the ipsilateral vertical deviation an average of 3.5 PD ( P > 0.001) in cases of hypotropia and 5.8 PD ( P > 0.001) in patients with hypertropia, with stability of alignment for a minimum of 2 years [12].
  • Experimental strabismus surgery using N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (Histoacryl) [13].
  • PURPOSE: To determine a way to prevent the formation of adhesions and delay the time of suture adjustment in the course of adjustable strabismus surgery, an animal study was performed to assess and compare the effects of mitomycin C (Mit-C) and viscoelastic material Viscoat (sodium hyaluronate 3% and chondroitin sulphate 4%, Alcon, Fort Worth, TX) [14].

Gene context of Strabismus

  • We used (24 h) occlusion and associated phoria measurements (Part II) to determine vertical prism prescriptions which eliminated symptoms of seven symptomatic patients who did not show significant vertical heterophoria on routine clinical testing [15].
  • Even though the mean reduction of hypertropia in adduction in the ATIO group (mean: 27.7 +/- 9.6 Delta) was greater than in the DIO group (mean: 20.6 +/- 6.2 Delta), no statistically significant difference was found (p = 0.067) [16].
  • Before and after each of the two work sessions far refraction, far phorias, near point of accommodation (APP), and fusional convergence were measured [17].
  • RESULTS: The phorias obtained from these six methods were not significantly different from each other (repeated measures anova, p > 0.05) [18].
  • CONCLUSION: Scar formation hindering anteroposterior travel of the IR pulley system is a novel mechanism of restrictive hypertropia in infraduction following lower eyelid surgery [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Strabismus


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