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Accidents, Occupational

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Biological context of Accidents, Occupational

  • However, following chronic and excessive industrial accidents or intentional abuse, toluene exposure several orders of magnitude greater exists, and at these levels in utero exposures in both animals and humans have been shown to produce significant delays in fetal growth [6].
  • This case, identified by the USTUR as Case 0212, had two documented intakes of plutonium and americium from occupational accidents while employed at Hanford but no known occupational exposure to thorium [7].

Associations of Accidents, Occupational with chemical compounds


Gene context of Accidents, Occupational

  • The adoption of the UN-ECE Protocol on Civil Liability and Compensation for Damage caused by the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents on Transboundary Waters (Kiev Protocol) in May 2003 was the result of a three-year negotiation process undertaken in the aftermath of the Baia Mare accident in Romania [13].
  • In testing for pesticides, only DDT and dieldrin are found with any frequency and their levels are decreasing; violative residues of any chlorinated hydrocarbon are generally a result of an industrial accident rather than agricultural usage [14].


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