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Disease relevance of Zygoma


High impact information on Zygoma

  • During thiopental-nitrous oxide-enflurane (end-tidal concentration less than 0.25%) anesthesia, supramaximal nerve stimulation was applied to the ulnar nerve at the elbow and to the nerve to the masseter, at a point inferior to the zygomatic arch, anterior to the mandibular condyle [3].
  • Manifestations include craniosynostosis, prominent eyes, deficient midface and zygomatic arches, short nose with anteverted nares, protruding lower face, minute oral aperture, persistent buccopharyngeal membrane, and severe mandibular hypoplasia [4].
  • BACKGROUND: Large defects of the cheek, lateral orbit, zygomatic arch, or the lower temple pose challenges for reconstruction [5].
  • CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium showed a large soft tissue mass centered about the left anterior zygomatic arch [6].
  • Titanium implants in the zygoma as retaining elements after hemimaxillectomy [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Zygoma

  • Coronal sections crossing the midpoint between the zygomaticotemporal suture and the tubercle of zygoma were observed grossly and histologically in 32 hemifaces from 16 Korean adult cadavers [8].

Anatomical context of Zygoma

  • We conclude that although the mandible, zygomatic arch, and middle ear ossicles appear to form a "developmental field," the association between structures varies for HFM and MFD [1].
  • An individually shaped titanium mesh, tightly filled with free autogenous corticocancellous bone, is fixed by titanium screws to the remnant of the zygoma and contralateral maxilla [9].
  • Recently Brånemark introduced an alternative method of securing posterior maxillary implant anchorage using a longer titanium implant placed through the palatal aspect of the second premolar region transantrally into the os zygomaticum (zygoma) [10].

Associations of Zygoma with chemical compounds

  • The operative procedures used were either shaving the protruded zygomatic body and arch with chisels by means of an intraoral approach and/or an extraoral sideburn-lateral canthal approach or, alternatively, mobilizing the protruded zygoma en bloc medioposteriorly into reduction of the prominent zygoma by a coronal approach [11].
  • Conclusions: Trabecular bone in the pig zygomatic arch is arranged orthogonally, relative to the occlusal plane [12].
  • In addition, the incidence of misshapen zygomatic arch was also significantly increased in the group exposed to EtOH and vitamin A at 80,000 IU/kg [13].
  • A method for repairing zygomatic arch fractures using a hydroxyapatite cement paste (BoneSource) [14].
  • An orbital exploration had been carried out in 14 BO patients, and 58 ZMC patients had received malar bone elevation without rigid fixation [15].

Gene context of Zygoma

  • The clinical use of a temporal periosteal bone flap for the reconstruction of a malar bone in a patient with the Treacher Collins syndrome is presented [16].
  • Only two prior cases of aneurysmal bone cysts of the zygoma have been reported in the world literature [17].
  • Craniofacial development in rats with early resection of the zygomatic arch [18].
  • For example, Han in the Northeast of China is similar to Man and Korean nationalities in the Northeast, but much different from Zhuang, Miao, Dai and Dong nationalities in the Southwest. The main differences are in head length, head breadth, alae nasi, nasal tip, mouth and zygoma, etc [19].
  • We present our experience of multimodality management of a case of primary osteogenic sarcoma of zygoma [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zygoma


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