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Immunization Schedule

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Disease relevance of Immunization Schedule


High impact information on Immunization Schedule

  • We have also shown the effectiveness of oral delivery by using a parenteral prime-oral boost immunization schedule [6].
  • Spleen cells from rat erythrocyte-immunized mice, when transferred to syngeneic recipients undergoing similar immunization schedules, delayed the appearance of erythrocyte autoantibodies in the recipients [7].
  • The delivery of IL-12 and Env product during priming with a DNA vector, followed by a booster with VV expressing the Env gene (rVVenv), was found to trigger the optimal CMI response compared with other immunization schedules studied [8].
  • In a second experiment involving two groups (FIVDeltaRT plus IFN-gamma and IFN-gamma alone), the immunization schedule was reduced to 0, 4, and 8 weeks [9].
  • The newly developed Tg PVR mouse-protection test may be useful in evaluating existing IPV potency tests and for attempts to improve formulations of trivalent IPV or combined vaccines for childhood immunization schedules [10].

Biological context of Immunization Schedule

  • In summary, the LHRH fusion proteins were as effective as surgical spaying in suppression of estrous cycle activity, but alternating the two proteins in an immunization schedule did not enhance the immunological or biological effectiveness of the vaccine [11].

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Gene context of Immunization Schedule

  • The latter is the basis for the adoption of a two-dose measles immunization schedule by the ACIP and AAP [17].
  • The immunization schedules using CW preparation caused a preferential production of IgM and IgG3 antibodies [18].
  • The highest anti-GST-Nef titers were obtained by a third immunization schedule in which mice were treated with a priming inoculum of induced live vaccine followed, after the predicted immunosuppressed interval, by two i.p. doses of 1 microgram of purified GST-Nef protein with Ribi adjuvant [19].
  • This study was carried out with sera from mice and hamsters submitted to different immunization schedules: chronic administration of the antigen, secondary response and conventional hyperimmunization [20].
  • Our data therefore provide the basis for optimized immunization schedules with TDM as the adjuvant component of a Th1 vaccine [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Immunization Schedule


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