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Geriatric Assessment

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Disease relevance of Geriatric Assessment


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Biological context of Geriatric Assessment

  • The intervention program consisted of pre- and post-operative geriatric assessments, oxygen therapy, early surgery, prevention and treatment of peri-operative blood pressure falls and treatment of post-operative complications [10].

Anatomical context of Geriatric Assessment

  • Erythrocyte folate levels were compared among 25 young healthy subjects (mean age, 27 years), 29 healthy subjects aged over 75 living in the community, 62 subjects (mean age, 75) admitted to a geriatric assessment ward (acute illnesses), and 32 subjects (aged over 65) in a ward for long-term physical or mental illnesses [11].

Associations of Geriatric Assessment with chemical compounds

  • White-blood counts, polymorph counts, leucocyte ascorbic-acid and plasma ascorbic-acid levels were measured in 91 samples of blood obtained from patients admitted to a geriatric assessment unit [12].
  • In 126 women over the age of 60 admitted to a geriatric assessment ward, plasma creatinine concentrations above 100 mumol/l were found in 73 and we conclude that renal impairment is common in elderly women admitted to hospital and is of sufficient degree to disturb the endocrine control of calcium metabolism seriously [13].
  • As detected by validated and appropriate tests, such as Mini Mental State Evaluation (MMSE) in SDAT and Sandoz Clinical Assessment Geriatric (SCAG) in VaD, administration of choline alphoscerate significantly improved patient clinical condition [14].
  • Three hundred applicants for sheltered housing underwent multidisciplinary geriatric assessment for suitability as a part of a joint assessment scheme with Local Authority Housing and Social Services Departments [15].
  • A 12-month survey of all patients receiving digoxin at the time of admission to our Geriatric Assessment Unit revealed 16% were hypomagnesaemic, whereas no patient was hypokalaemic [16].

Gene context of Geriatric Assessment


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