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Chemical Compound Review

Tabtoxin     (2S,3R)-2-[[(2S)-2-amino-4- [(3S)-3-hydroxy...

Synonyms: AC1Q5QOD, AR-1K4320, AC1L32SX, 40957-90-2
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Disease relevance of Tabtoxin


High impact information on Tabtoxin


Biological context of Tabtoxin

  • As part of our investigation of the self-protection mechanism(s) used by these pathovars, we have determined that GS becomes adenylylated after toxin production is initiated and that the serine released from the zinc-activated hydrolysis of tabtoxin is a factor in the initiation of this adenylylation [7].
  • The biosynthetic gene cluster for the beta-lactam antibiotic tabtoxin in Pseudomonas syringae [8].
  • Tabtoxin resistance protein (TTR) is an enzyme that catalyzes the acetylation of tabtoxin rendering tabtoxin-producing pathogens tolerant to their own phytotoxins [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tabtoxin


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