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Chemical Compound Review

Clairsit     trichloro-chlorosulfanyl- methane

Synonyms: WLN: GXGGSG, HSDB 886, HSDB 6052, NSC-66404, LS-1420, ...
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Disease relevance of trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride


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Biological context of trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride


Anatomical context of trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride

  • 2) The irreversible (covalent) binding of 14C from labeled haloalkanes in anaerobic suspensions of isolated rabbit liver microsomes and NADPH after 30 min was for protein (lipid) (nmol/mg): CCl4: 15 (58); CHCl3: 3.4 (3.2); halothane: 2.3 (10); trichlorofluoromethane: 6.5 (30) [10].


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