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Chemical Compound Review

Frigen     chloro-difluoro-methane

Synonyms: Algofrene 6, Halocarbon 22, Propellant 22, Electro-CF 22, Arcton 4, ...
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Disease relevance of chloro-difluoro-methane


High impact information on chloro-difluoro-methane

  • Comparison of estimates of cardiac output by indicator dilution and freon 22 uptake during gas mixing in dogs [3].
  • The ribs and intercostal muscles were excised along a 20-cm vertical distance of the chest wall region, which was sprayed with liquid Freon 22, cooled with liquid nitrogen, to facilitate the fastest possible freezing of the visceral and parietal pleura [4].
  • The small but statistically highly significant differences between the expirograms of CO2 and O2, and of Freon-22 and acetylene, could be qualitatively explained by ventilation-perfusion inequalities with sequential emptying, by Taylor dispersion and by reversible solution in airway mucosa in the course of the respiratory cycle [5].
  • Despite the frequent use of freon-22 (e.g. to measure pulmonary blood flow), there is no agreement on its solubility in water or body fluids [6].
  • Elimination kinetics of acetylene and Freon 22 in resting and active lungless salamanders [7].

Biological context of chloro-difluoro-methane


Anatomical context of chloro-difluoro-methane


Associations of chloro-difluoro-methane with other chemical compounds


Gene context of chloro-difluoro-methane

  • The Frigen treatment used to clarify turbid sera seems to decrease IgG and increase C3c concentrations [17].
  • A novel pre-assay treatment using Frigen II was introduced to improve the recovery rates of cytokines, i.e., interleukin-1alpha, interleukin-1beta and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, prior to ELISA assay [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of chloro-difluoro-methane

  • The cultured tissue samples were processed for light and electron microscopy or rapidly frozen and stored in freon-22 under liquid nitrogen [18].
  • The tissue pieces were cryoprotected, frozen in Freon 22, and subjected to freeze-substitution in dry acetone containing 1% OsO4 [19].
  • A respiratory mass spectrometer has been used to follow the concentrations of argon and freon-22 during passive rebreathing in anaesthetized patients before cardiopulmonary bypass [20].
  • Quench freezing of fresh or fixed tissue in melting Freon 22 resulted in severe cellular damage due to ice crystallization [21].
  • This paper presents data on the measurement of aortic flow (Qa) using an electromagnetic flowmeter and the measurement of pulmonary blood flow (Qep) using a single-breath technique employing freon-22 as the soluble marker gas [22].


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