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Chemical Compound Review

AC1Q5WHI     2-[methyl-[(4R)-4- [(3R,5S,7R,10S,12S,13R...

Synonyms: AR-1K7719, 93790-70-6, Cholylsarcosine
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Disease relevance of Cholylsarcosine

  • When a [3H]triolein emulsion with either cholylsarcosine or cholyltaurine was infused intraduodenally in biliary fistula rats, recovery of 3H in lymph was 52 +/- 10% (mean +/- SD) for cholylsarcosine and 52 +/- 11% for cholyltaurine [1].
  • This study compared the effect of a natural conjugated bile acid mixture from ox bile with that of cholylsarcosine, a synthetic conjugated bile acid, on fat absorption and diarrhea in a patient with the short-bowel syndrome [2].
  • Endotoxemia was decreased in cirrhotic rats by conjugated bile acid feeding (cholylsarcosine, 0.098 +/- 0.002; cholylglycine 0.101 +/- 0.007 EU/mL) compared with placebo (0.282 +/- 0.124, P <.001) [3].
  • Rats with CCl(4)-induced cirrhosis and ascites were fed cholylsarcosine, cholylglycine (both at 70 mg/kg/d), or placebo for 2 weeks [3].
  • Cholylsarcosine, a new conjugated bile acid analogue that has been developed as a bile acid replacement agent, improves lipid absorption in animals with steatorrhea caused by bile acid malabsorption and intestinal resection [4].

High impact information on Cholylsarcosine


Chemical compound and disease context of Cholylsarcosine


Biological context of Cholylsarcosine


Anatomical context of Cholylsarcosine

  • Absorption of cholylsarcosine was much greater from the ileal segment (28-fold that of the duodenum under control conditions) and was enhanced with 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) treatment [10].

Gene context of Cholylsarcosine

  • The physiological relevance of ASBT induction by 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) was assessed by measuring absorption of cholylsarcosine, a non-metabolized synthetic bile acid analog, from duodenal or ileal closed loops of the perfused rat small intestine preparation [10].
  • Treatment with cholylsarcosine increased absorption of C14:0 by 23%-29%, of C16:0 by 59%-74%, of C18:0 by 125%-138%, and of unsaturated C18-fatty acids by 36%-45% [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cholylsarcosine


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