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Chemical Compound Review

Dicatron     1-phenylpropan-2-ylhydrazine

Synonyms: Phenizine, fenizin, Catron, Feniprazina, Feniprazyne, ...
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  • Importantly, a perfect reverse complement of (C/G)TTAATTG, which was recently shown to be an optimal binding sequence for the homeodomain of Msx-1 protein (K.M. Catron, N. Iler, and C. Abate (1993) Mol. Cell. Biol. 13:2354-2365), was also located in the murine Msx-1 promoter [6].
  • They were not affected by pretreatment of frogs with the monoamine oxidase inhibitor pheniprazine (Catron) nor by the application of pheniprazine, angiotensin or serotonin in vitro [7].
  • Whereas the maximum effects on pheniprazine inhibition of rat liver MAO-B occurred at about 5 microM cyanide, concentrations of 5 mM were necessary for maximum stimulation of MAO-A inhibition [8].
  • The specificity of the retrograde axonal transport of 3H-serotonin (3H-5-HT) was radioautographically studied in the afferents to the olfactory bulb (O.B.). Injections of 3H-5-HT of different concentrations (10(-2), 10(-3), 10(-4) and 10(-5) M) were performed into the O.B. of catron pretreated rats [9].
  • The reversal of reserpine-like syndrome by administration of pargyline, pheniprazine or chronic administration of imipramine was accompanied by no changes in Ach-E and Ach-T activities [10].

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