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Chemical Compound Review

LS-91654     aluminum; dihydroxy-oxo-silane; sodium

Synonyms: AC1O3S6I, 12445-20-4, Mordenite (AlNaH6(SiO3)5), aluminum; dihydroxy(oxo)silane; sodium
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Disease relevance of Mordenite

  • Erionite and mordenite, two mineral aluminosilicates (zeolites) with different toxicities, can be used as models to help understand asbestos toxicity [1].

High impact information on Mordenite

  • A theoretical study of the alkylation reaction of toluene with methanol catalyzed by acidic mordenite [2].
  • No iron is typically present in erionite or mordenite, but because of their ion-exchange properties they can acquire iron after inhalation [1].
  • In this study the uptake performances of the naturally occurring zeolite, clinoptilolite, and of New Zealand mordenite are compared [3].
  • Aluminum species in several dealuminated zeolites (ultrastable HY, HZSM-5 and mordenite) were investigated in detail by means of the newly introduced 1H/27Al TRAPDOR method in combination with 27Al MAS NMR, and the quadrupole coupling constants (Q[CC]s) for aluminum atoms associated with these species were obtained [4].
  • It is shown conclusively that mordenite can reduce the uptake of radio-caesium by goats and lambs, and also, without changing the fodder, reduce their body burden [5].

Biological context of Mordenite


Anatomical context of Mordenite


Associations of Mordenite with other chemical compounds

  • The cytotoxicity of four tumorigenic minerals: erionite(w), erionite(c), UICC crocidolite, UICC chrysotile and nontumorigenic mordenite was compared in Chinese hamster lung V79 cells [8].
  • A more detailed investigation of the squaric acid aggregate within mordenite was undertaken with the use of Raman spectroscopy [9].
  • A periodic density functional theory study of the alkylation of benzene with propene in proton-exchanged mordenite has been achieved [10].
  • Polarization of ethane and propane resulting from adsorption of these hydrocarbons by protons and different cations in mordenite, ZSM-5, and Y zeolites was studied by diffuse reflection Fourier transform IR spectroscopy (DRIFTS) [11].
  • To determine whether O2- was elicited in response to a variety of asbestiform fibres, AM lavaged from Fischer 344 rat lungs were exposed in vitro to equivalent non-toxic amounts of crocidolite asbestos, erionite, Code 100 fibreglass, sepiolite, and their non-fibrous analogues, riebeckite, mordenite and glass particles [12].


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