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Chemical Compound Review

Octanosol     octacosan-1-ol

Synonyms: octacosyl, Octacosanol, polycosanol, n-Octacosanol, OCTACOSANOL-1, ...
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Disease relevance of n-Octacosanol


High impact information on n-Octacosanol


Biological context of n-Octacosanol

  • The results indicate that octacosanol possesses an adipokinetic activity, which might affect the lipolysis process of muscle [7].

Anatomical context of n-Octacosanol


Associations of n-Octacosanol with other chemical compounds

  • Other substances touted as having ergogenic properties are carnitine, cobamamide, growth hormone releasers, octacosanol, and ginseng; again, there is no reliable scientific evidence to support claims that products containing these compounds have ergogenic potential, and heavy supplementation may lead to adverse effects [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of n-Octacosanol


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