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Chemical Compound Review

Levemopamil     (2S)-5-(methyl-phenethyl- amino)-2-phenyl-2...

Synonyms: Levemopamilo, Levemopamilum, SureCN51113, CHEMBL187829, CHEBI:416462, ...
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Disease relevance of Levemopamil


Psychiatry related information on Levemopamil


High impact information on Levemopamil

  • Ischemic rats were treated with the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist dextromethorphan, 50 mg/kg, with the calcium antagonist levemopamil, 30 mg/kg, with the radical scavenger EPC-K1, 10 mg/kg, or with solvent [3].
  • In a second group of 8 rats with left unilateral ARF the effects of levemopamil (L), a calcium entry blocker with 5-hydroxytryptamine2 (5-HT2) receptor antagonistic properties, were studied [4].
  • Studies in phlebitis. VII: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of pH-solubilized levemopamil [7].
  • The treatment consisted of slow intravenous injections of an aqueous solution of levemopamil given immediately after middle cerebral artery occlusion and again 2 h and 4 h later [8].
  • Body temperature was not affected by levemopamil, suggesting direct cerebroprotection by this drug.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[8]

Biological context of Levemopamil

  • Our findings showed that a single administration of levemopamil (10, 15, and 20 mg/kg) significantly and dose-dependently attenuated alcohol intake and increased water intake in P rats [5].

Anatomical context of Levemopamil

  • Levemopamil reduces spatial learning deficit following transient occlusion of common carotid arteries in normotensive rats [9].
  • The effect of the calcium channel blocker and 5-HT2 antagonist levemopamil on spatial learning impairment of rats subjected to transient bilateral clamping of carotid arteries (BCCA) was investigated [9].
  • The present study does not provide support for the strategy of combined therapy with dizocilpine (administered before ischemia) and levemopamil (administered before and after ischemia) to protect neurons from injury produced by severe incomplete forebrain ischemia [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Levemopamil


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