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Chemical Compound Review

p-Picoline     4-methylpyridine

Synonyms: gamma-Picoline, CHEMBL15544, SureCN12062, ACMC-1BQOX, CCRIS 1723, ...
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High impact information on gamma-Methylpyridine


Biological context of gamma-Methylpyridine

  • The adsorption of alpha-,beta-, and gamma-picoline followed the pseudosecond-order rate kinetics [5].
  • Following exposures of 100 microM 2-, 3-, or 4-methylpyridine, evoked population excitatory postsynaptic potential and population spike responses recorded in the cell body field of hippocampal area CA1 were slowly suppressed over the course of 3 h, whereas no effects on local inhibitory processes or latency of evoked responses were detected [6].
  • These findings establish that particular isomers of picoline N-oxide rapidly upregulate CYP2B or, to a lesser extent, CYP2E1 and implicate CYP2B in the enhanced lipid peroxidation observed in microsomes from rats treated with 3- and 4-picoline N-oxides [7].
  • A series of neurophysiological tests was performed on Long-Evans hooded rats treated with either 2-, 3-, or 4-methylpyridine at dosages of 100 mg/kg, approximately one-half the ip LD50 [8].

Anatomical context of gamma-Methylpyridine

  • This new GST isozyme was isolated from the hepatic cytosol of 4-picoline-treated rabbits and purified to homogeneity using S-hexylglutathione-agarose, CM-Sepharose, and PBE118 chromatofocusing chromatography [9].

Associations of gamma-Methylpyridine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of gamma-Methylpyridine

  • Well defined charge transfer (CT) bands have been observed for complexes of C60 with all the pyridines studied except 4-picoline [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gamma-Methylpyridine


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