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Gene Review

Chad  -  chondroadherin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Cartilage leucine-rich protein, Chondroadherin, SLRR4A
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Biological context of Chad


Anatomical context of Chad


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chad

  • Southern blot analysis of mouse genomic DNA revealed a simple pattern of hybridization indicating a single copy gene for chondroadherin [2].
  • RESULTS: RT-PCR analysis showed strong expression of Chad in mouse brain, heart, lung, and embryo [4].
  • Using mouse serotyping, the currently accepted method for the identification of spotted fever group rickettsiae, the Chad isolate exhibited a specificity difference of 2 when compared to Astrakhan fever rickettsia and at least 4 when compared with other members of the R. conorii complex [5].


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