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Gene Review

COL9A1  -  collagen, type IX, alpha 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Collagen alpha-1(IX) chain, DJ149L1.1.2, EDM6, MED, STL4
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Disease relevance of COL9A1


High impact information on COL9A1

  • We considered the COL9A1 gene, located on chromosome 6q13, to be a candidate gene on the basis of the structural association with collagen types II and XI and because of the high expression in the human inner ear indicated by cDNA microarray [5].
  • The analysis resulted in identification of three mutations in COMP and one in COL9A1, but none in the other two collagen IX genes [1].
  • Screening of COL9A1 for mutations in the two probands from the families in which this gene was not involved in the recombinations failed to identify any disease-causing mutations [1].
  • CONCLUSION: Our data suggest that susceptibility for hip OA is conferred within or close to the COL9A1 gene in linkage disequilibrium with the COL9A1 509-8B2 marker [2].
  • Regulation of human COL9A1 gene expression. Activation of the proximal promoter region by SOX9 [3].

Biological context of COL9A1

  • The COL9A1 gene is about 90 kb and consists of 38 exons [6].
  • The COL9A1 gene contains two promoter regions, one driving expression of a long alpha1(IX) chain in cartilage (upstream) and one driving expression of a shorter chain in the cornea and vitreous (downstream) [3].
  • A general drop of methylation in COL9A1 was apparent in tumors, when compared with blood and healthy breast tissue [7].
  • Previously, COL19A1 was mapped to human chromosome 6q12-q14, where COL9A1 is also located [8].
  • We identified and then genotyped twenty common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from within COL9A1 in the 146 probands from our female THR-families and in 215 age-matched female controls [9].

Anatomical context of COL9A1

  • The sequence encoded by exon 7, predicted from human COL9A1, is absent from both short and long forms of alpha1(IX) from bovine nucleus pulposus and articular cartilage [10].
  • RT-PCR analysis using primers specific to COL9A1 isoforms 1 and 2 detected expression of both isoforms in human fetal cochlea [11].

Other interactions of COL9A1

  • Here we report the complete structure for the human COL9A1 and the complete sequence for the human COL9A2 genes [6].
  • Type IX collagen is composed of three polypeptides derived from the human genes COL9A1, COL9A2, and COL9A3 that assemble to form a mature collagen molecule with the structure alpha 1(IX)alpha 2(IX)alpha 3(IX) [12].
  • Association of COL1A2, COL2A1 and COL9A1 and primary osteoarthritis in a founder population [13].
  • The COL9A1 locus shows no recombination with the marker D6Z1 (Z = 27.61 at theta = O) and identifies the most likely locus order of KRAS1P-[D6Z1-COL9A1]-D6S30 [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of COL9A1


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