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Gene Review

ADRA1B  -  adrenoceptor alpha 1B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ADRA1, ALPHA1BAR, Alpha-1B adrenergic receptor, Alpha-1B adrenoceptor, Alpha-1B adrenoreceptor
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Disease relevance of ADRA1B


High impact information on ADRA1B


Biological context of ADRA1B

  • For both ADRA1A and ADRA1B, haplotype superstructures may represent a novel, higher-level hierarchy in the human genome, which may reduce redundancy of testing by further aggregation of genotype data [8].
  • To investigate the generality of 3i domain-induced inhibition of receptor activity further, the 3i domains of two Gq-coupled receptors (alpha 1BAR and M1AChR) and two Gi-coupled receptors (alpha 2AAR and M2AChR) were tested for effects on the second messenger generation mediated by each of the four receptors [9].
  • Localization on different human chromosomes provides evidence that the bovine cDNA is distinct from the hamster alpha 1B-adrenergic receptor [10].
  • Even though alpha 1C- and alpha 1BARs activate polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis by similar biochemical mechanisms, the alpha 1CAR couples to phospholipase C more efficiently than does the alpha 1BAR; activation of the alpha 1CAR results in a 2-3-fold greater increase in inositol phosphates, compared with the alpha 1BAR [11].
  • Constitutive activation of the alpha 1B-adrenergic receptor by all amino acid substitutions at a single site. Evidence for a region which constrains receptor activation [12].

Anatomical context of ADRA1B


Associations of ADRA1B with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ADRA1B

  • First, ADRA1B is on 5q but is several million bases, rather than a few hundred thousand bases, from ADRB2 [19].
  • In stellate cells, besides a strong label of alpha 2a adrenergic receptor mRNA in all and moderate label of alpha 2b message in select stellate cells, the inner stellate cells are also moderately positive for alpha 1b adrenergic receptor mRNA [20].
  • Compared to the alpha 1bAR, the alpha 1aAR has several more cis regulatory elements, suggesting more complex regulation [21].
  • Although the alpha 1B2i domain had no effect on receptor/G protein coupling for any receptor tested, the alpha 1B3i domain inhibited signaling mediated by alpha 1BAR and M1AChR but not by D1ADR, while the alpha 1B4i domain inhibited signaling mediated by each of the receptors [9].
  • The RNase protection assay confirmed the absence of the alpha 1b adrenoceptor, the ratio of alpha 1a and alpha 1d being 4:1 [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ADRA1B


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