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Gene Review

Adra1b  -  adrenergic receptor, alpha 1b

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Alpha-1B adrenergic receptor, Alpha-1B adrenoceptor, Alpha-1B adrenoreceptor, alpha1B-adrenergic receptor
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Disease relevance of Adra1b


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Biological context of Adra1b


Anatomical context of Adra1b


Associations of Adra1b with chemical compounds

  • Treatment with chloroethylclonidine (10 microM, for 30 min at 37 degrees, with subsequent washout) abolished [3H]prazosin binding to alpha 1B-adrenoceptors in rat spleen almost completely and reduced specific binding in rat kidney and cerebral cortex by a percentage comparable to the known alpha 1B-adrenoceptor content of these tissues [17].
  • SR46349B also completely blocked, in alpha1b-AR KO mice, the locomotor response and the development of behavioural sensitization to morphine (20 mg/kg) and D-amphetamine (2 mg/kg) [16].
  • We have previously demonstrated that overexpression of alpha1B-adrenergic receptor (alpha1BAR) in transgenic mice leads to a marked desensitization of betaAR-mediated adenylyl cyclase stimulation which is correlated with increased levels of activated protein kinase C (PKC) beta, delta and [J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. 30 (1998) 1827] [18].
  • The role of alpha1b-ARs in this effect was then verified in alpha1b-AR KO mice: whereas dexefaroxan (1 mg/kg) doubled locomotor hyperactivity induced by GBR 12783 (14 mg/kg) in WT mice, it decreased it by 43% in alpha1b-AR KO mice [19].
  • Recent experiments have shown that mice lacking the alpha1b-adrenergic receptor (alpha1b-AR KO) are less responsive to the locomotor hyperactivity induced by psychostimulants, such as D-amphetamine or cocaine, than their wild-type littermates (WT) [19].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adra1b


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