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Gene Review

Sncg  -  synuclein, gamma

Mus musculus

Synonyms: C79089, Gamma-synuclein, Persyn, persyn
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Disease relevance of Sncg


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Biological context of Sncg


Anatomical context of Sncg

  • However, neither beta- nor gamma-synuclein has been detected in Lewy bodies, and thus it is unclear whether these isoforms contribute to neurological pathology [7].
  • We studied the effect of inactivation of gamma-synuclein gene on mouse midbrain dopaminergic neurones [1].
  • Alpha-synucleins and beta-synucleins are present predominantly in the inner plexiform layer, whereas gamma-synuclein is in the nerve fiber layer [2].
  • Under stress conditions a translocation of gamma-synuclein from the perinuclear area to the nucleus occurs exhibiting nucleocytoplasmic shuttling. gamma-Synuclein overexpression reduces neurite outgrowth in a greater extent then alpha-synuclein overexpression [6].

Other interactions of Sncg

  • Given that UCH-L1 deficiency results in axonal degeneration and spheroid formation, our findings suggest that beta- and gamma-synuclein participate in the pathogenesis of axonal swelling in gad mice [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sncg

  • In this paper we present data on the localization and properties of gamma-synuclein in several neuronal and nonneuronal cell cultures [6].


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