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Gene Review

SNCG  -  synuclein, gamma (breast cancer-specific...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BCSG1, Breast cancer-specific gene 1 protein, Gamma-synuclein, PERSYN, PRSN, ...
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Disease relevance of SNCG


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Chemical compound and disease context of SNCG


Biological context of SNCG


Anatomical context of SNCG

  • SNCG mRNA was not expressed in the 10 non-neoplastic gastric mucosal tissues, although several CpGs were demethylated [3].
  • SNCG demethylation was more frequent in primary gastric cancers positive for lymph node metastasis (51%; 26 of 51) than in cancers without lymph node involvement (26%; 14 of 54; P < 0.05), and also more common in stage II-IV (48%; 27 of 56) than in stage I (27%; 13 of 49) cancers (P < 0.05) [3].
  • On late steps of mitosis gamma-synuclein is not found in the centrosomes, and redistributes to the midbody in telophase [16].
  • Under stress conditions a translocation of gamma-synuclein from the perinuclear area to the nucleus occurs exhibiting nucleocytoplasmic shuttling. gamma-Synuclein overexpression reduces neurite outgrowth in a greater extent then alpha-synuclein overexpression [16].
  • Using transgenic mouse model, we demonstrated a role of SNCG in induction of highly proliferative pregnancy-like phenotype of mammary epithelial cells and branching morphology [17].

Associations of SNCG with chemical compounds

  • The SNCG-mediated stimulation of ER-alpha transcriptional activity is consistent with its stimulation of mammary tumorigenesis in response to estrogen [1].
  • SNCG expression and methylation status were examined by reverse transcription-PCR and bisulfite-single-strand conformational polymorphism followed by direct sequencing, respectively [3].
  • SNCG participated in the heat shock protein-based multiprotein chaperone complex for steroid receptor signaling [17].
  • alpha-, beta- and gamma-synuclein are highly homologous proteins that are found predominantly in neurons [18].
  • Utilizing human hepatoma-derived cell line HepG2 as an in vitro model, we demonstrate that hepatic carcinogens aflatoxin B1 and N-nitrosodimethylamine (DMN) are strong inducers of SNCG expression [19].

Physical interactions of SNCG

  • Here, we demonstrated a chaperone activity of SNCG in the heat-shock protein (Hsp)-based multiprotein chaperone complex for stimulation of estrogen receptor (ER)-alpha signaling [1].

Regulatory relationships of SNCG


Other interactions of SNCG


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SNCG


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