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Gene Review

LEMD3  -  LEM domain containing 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Inner nuclear membrane protein Man1, LEM domain-containing protein 3, MAN1
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Disease relevance of LEMD3


High impact information on LEMD3


Biological context of LEMD3


Anatomical context of LEMD3


Physical interactions of LEMD3

  • MAN1 is an integral protein of the inner nuclear membrane that interacts with nuclear lamins and emerin, thus playing a role in nuclear organization [4].

Regulatory relationships of LEMD3

  • MAN1 is a vertebrate nuclear inner membrane protein that inhibits Smad signaling downstream of transforming growth factor beta [2].

Other interactions of LEMD3

  • Proposed MAN1-emerin complexes are discussed in the context of EDMD disease mechanisms and potential in vivo functions [2].
  • Antibodies against MAN1 were able to co-immunoprecipiate Smad2 from cells, demonstrating that they reside in the same complex in vivo [7].
  • In a yeast two-hybrid screen using the C-terminal domain of MAN1 as bait, eight positive clones were obtained that encoded Smad3 [7].
  • MAN1, through the RNA recognition motif, associates with R-Smads but not Smad4 at the inner nuclear membrane in a ligand-independent manner [10].
  • Here we report the identification of SANE (Smad1 Antagonistic Effector), a novel protein with significant sequence similarity to nuclear envelop proteins such as MAN1 [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LEMD3


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