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Gene Review

TEK  -  TEK tyrosine kinase, endothelial

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of TEK


High impact information on TEK

  • Previously, we have shown that the 1.2-kb 5' flanking region of the TIE2 promoter is capable of directing beta-galactosidase reporter gene expression specifically into a subset of endothelial cells (ECs) of transgenic mouse embryos [2].
  • Furthermore, combination of the TIE2 promoter with an intron fragment containing this enhancer allows it to target reporter gene expression specifically and uniformly to virtually all vascular ECs throughout embryogenesis and adulthood [2].
  • By employing embryonic endothelial-like yolk sac cells in parallel with adult-derived endothelial cells, we have identified differences in functional activity and protein binding that may reflect mechanisms for specifying developmental regulation of tie2/tek expression [3].
  • To investigate the molecular basis of endothelial cell-specific gene expression, we have examined the DNA sequences and the cognate DNA-binding proteins that mediate transcription of the murine tie2/tek gene [3].
  • The early atretic follicles showed a higher ANPT-2:ANPT-1 ratio and higher Tie2 mRNA expression than did other follicles at healthy or later atretic stages [4].

Biological context of TEK

  • Significant up-regulation of Tie2 mRNA expression was found and lasted up to 12 h [1].
  • The rapid down-regulation of Tie1 by shear stress changes and its rapid binding to Tie2 may be required for destabilization of endothelial cells in order to initiate the process of vascular restructuring [5].

Anatomical context of TEK

  • The aim of this study was to investigate mRNA expression for ANPT1, ANPT-2 and Tie2 in granulosa cells (GC) during follicular development in the cow [6].


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