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Gene Review

GRID1  -  glutamate receptor, ionotropic, delta 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: GluD1, GluR delta-1 subunit, Glutamate receptor ionotropic, delta-1, KIAA1220
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Disease relevance of GRID1

  • Macular Grid 5 scanning was performed twice in each eye, and the repeatability (pooled standard deviation) of the total area of edema was 0.48 mm2 (coefficient of variation, 6.8%) [1].
  • This paper describes the development of the NCHC's Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Grid project-An Access Grid (AG)-based disease management and collaborative platform that allowed for SARS patient's medical data to be dynamically shared and discussed between hospitals and doctors using AG's video teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities [2].

Psychiatry related information on GRID1


High impact information on GRID1

  • Mapping of the mouse glutamate receptor delta1 subunit (Grid1) to chromosome 14 [4].
  • Through the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Emerging Infections Network (APEC EINet), we connected various public health sites in the APEC region via the Access Grid [5].
  • The study was based on daily mortality data from the MAR Revenue and Excise Authority, meteorological data from Getafe Observatory and air pollution data from the Madrid Municipal Automatic Air Pollution Monitoring Grid [6].
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Simulation on EGEE Grid Architecture: A Web Portal Design [7].
  • The objective of Sealife is the conception and realisation of a semantic Grid browser for the life sciences, which will link the existing Web to the currently emerging eScience infrastructure [8].

Biological context of GRID1

  • In the paper, we demonstrate the impact of a worldwide Grid infrastructure to efficiently deploy large-scale virtual screening to speed up the drug design process [9].
  • Finally, the Grid assessed perceptions of each network member's initial and current acceptance of the gay or lesbian person's sexual orientation [10].
  • The paper draws on a number of Grid projects, particularly on the experience of NeuroGrid, a UK project in the Neurosciences tasked with developing a Grid-based collaborative research environment to support the sharing of digital images and patient data across multiple distributed sites [11].

Associations of GRID1 with chemical compounds

  • Using the Clarke Error Grid Analysis, the difference between arm and finger glucose measurements was not clinically significant [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GRID1

  • Designing for e-Health: Recurring Scenarios in Developing Grid-based Medical Imaging Systems [11].
  • Grid technology allows issues of distribution and heterogeneity to be overcome, however the clinical trials domain places special demands on security and data which hitherto the Grid community have not satisfactorily addressed [13].
  • Since suitable "normal patient" PET/SPECT images are rare and usually sparse and scattered across hospitals and research institutions, the Data Grid distributed analysis paradigm ("move code rather than input data") is well suited for implementing a remote statistical analysis use case, described in the present paper [14].
  • The GPS@ web portal, "Grid Protein Sequence Analysis", aims to provide such a user-friendly interface for these grid genomic resources on the EGEE grid [15].
  • It has three main components, namely remote characterization of linear accelerators for Monte Carlo and convolution/superposition (C/S) dose-calculation techniques, remote Grid-enabled radiotherapy treatment planning optimization and verification and data depository [16].


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