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Gene Review

Ptp69D  -  Protein tyrosine phosphatase 69D

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 69D, CG10975, CT30751, DPTP, DPTP69D, ...
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Disease relevance of Ptp69D


High impact information on Ptp69D


Biological context of Ptp69D


Anatomical context of Ptp69D

  • We propose PTP69D promotes R1-R6 targeting in response to extracellular signals by dephosphorylating substrate(s) in R1-R6 growth cones [3].
  • These targeting errors are difficult to reconcile with models in which PTP69D plays an instructive role in photoreceptor axon targeting, as previously proposed [6].
  • In the optic lobes, DPTP69D is localized to the neuropils of the lamina and medulla, and to an array of parallel thick bundles that may be the transmedullary fibers of the developing lobula complex [9].

Associations of Ptp69D with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Ptp69D

  • DPTP52F, DPTP10D and DPTP69D have partially redundant roles in regulation of guidance decisions made by axons within the ISN and ISNb motor nerves [10].
  • Three RPTPs, known as DLAR, DPTP69D, and DPTP99A, have been genetically characterized thus far [5].
  • These data define three major HRP proteins as neurotactin, fasciclin I, and an R-PTP, DPTP69D [9].
  • In support of this hypothesis, we demonstrate that SHP-2, a vertebrate PTPase similar to Csw and previously implicated in RTK signaling, encodes the functional vertebrate homologue of Csw [11].
  • One of these, corkscrew (csw), encodes an SH2 domain-containing PTPase that appears to be a homolog of mammalian PTP1D [12].


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