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Gene Review

ARL3  -  ADP-ribosylation factor-like 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 3, ARFL3
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High impact information on ARL3


Biological context of ARL3

  • Two-hybrid screens of human cDNA libraries with dominant active mutants of human ARL1, ARL2, and ARL3 identified eight different but overlapping sets of binding partners [2].
  • CONCLUSION: The disturbed magnesium binding site and the independence of GDP coordination from the presence of Mg2+ separate ARL2 and ARL3 from Arf proteins [3].
  • Here we describe the methodologies that we have developed to analyze the interaction of RP2 with Arl3 and to investigate the effect of RP2 post-translational modifications on its subcellular and tissue localization [4].
  • We conclude that Arl3 binds microtubules in a regulated manner to alter specific aspects of cytokinesis [5].
  • Somewhat paradoxically, no phenotypes were observed Arl2 expression was knocked down or Arl3 activity was increased in HeLa cells [5].

Anatomical context of ARL3

  • These data suggest that RP2 functions in concert with Arl3 to link the cell membrane with the cytoskeleton in photoreceptors as part of the cell signaling or vesicular transport machinery [1].
  • The presence of Arl3 in centrosomes, mitotic spindles, midzones, midbodies, and cilia are all supportive of roles in microtubule-dependent processes [5].
  • A number of human tumor cell lines expressed Arl3, as determined by immunoblotting with an Arl-specific antibody, raised against a peptide derived from the human Arl3 sequence [6].

Associations of ARL3 with chemical compounds

  • In contrast to ARF proteins, the Arl3 protein has reduced dependence on phospholipids and magnesium for guanine nucleotide exchange [6].
  • The delta subunit of rod specific cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase, PDE delta, interacts with the Arf-like protein Arl3 in a GTP specific manner [7].

Physical interactions of ARL3

  • It has been shown that RP2 can interact directly with Arl3 [4].

Other interactions of ARL3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ARL3


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