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Gene Review

ABHD5  -  abhydrolase domain containing 5

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase ABHD5, Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 5, CDS, CGI-58, CGI58, ...
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Disease relevance of ABHD5


High impact information on ABHD5

  • NLSDM is distinct from Chanarin-Dorfman syndrome, which is characterized by neutral lipid storage disease with ichthyosis, mild myopathy and hepatomegaly due to mutations in ABHD5 (also known as CGI-58) [3].
  • CGI-58 contains three sequence motifs that correspond to a catalytic triad found in the esterase/lipase/thioesterase subfamily [4].
  • We previously localized a gene for a subset of NCIE to chromosome 3 (designated "the NCIE2 locus"), in six families [4].
  • Linkage-disequilibrium analysis of these families, all from the Mediterranean basin, allowed us to refine the NCIE2 locus to an approximately 1.3-Mb region [4].
  • Interestingly, CGI-58 differs from other members of the esterase/lipase/thioesterase subfamily in that its putative catalytic triad contains an asparagine in place of the usual serine residue [4].

Biological context of ABHD5

  • CGI-58, a recently identified coactivator of ATGL, stimulates TG hydrolase activity in wild-type and HSL-deficient WAT but not in ATGL-deficient WAT, suggesting that ATGL is the sole target for CGI-58-mediated activation of adipose lipolysis [5].
  • These results suggested that CGI-58 protein is involved in the lipid metabolism of lamellar granules and that defective lipid production in lamellar granules caused by a CGI-58 protein deficiency is involved in the pathogenesis of ichthyosis in Dorfman-Chanarin syndrome [6].
  • Alleles of CGI-58 carrying point mutations associated with CDS fail to activate ATGL [7].

Anatomical context of ABHD5


Associations of ABHD5 with chemical compounds


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