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Protein Deficiency

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Disease relevance of Protein Deficiency


High impact information on Protein Deficiency

  • Yeast knockout models as well as histological and biochemical data from heart biopsies or autopsies of FRDA patients have shown that frataxin defects cause a specific iron-sulfur protein deficiency and intramitochondrial iron accumulation [6].
  • Aconitase and mitochondrial iron-sulphur protein deficiency in Friedreich ataxia [7].
  • The occurrence of distinct DNA markers in patients from unrelated kinships indicates that, like forms of the condition displaying dysfunctional C1 inhibitor variants, those characterized by protein deficiency are also genetically heterogeneous [8].
  • Here, we have used gene silencing to assess the effect of SMN protein deficiency on U snRNP metabolism in living cells and organisms [9].
  • Genetic cholesteryl ester transfer protein deficiency caused by two prevalent mutations as a major determinant of increased levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Protein Deficiency


Biological context of Protein Deficiency


Anatomical context of Protein Deficiency


Gene context of Protein Deficiency

  • Accumulation of apolipoprotein E-rich high density lipoproteins in hyperalphalipoproteinemic human subjects with plasma cholesteryl ester transfer protein deficiency [26].
  • In both mutants, reduced amounts of spliced petB RNAs (encoding the cytochrome b(6) subunit) were detected, thus explaining the observed protein deficiencies [27].
  • We have used an in vivo tumor model to evaluate the consequences of p53 tumor suppressor protein deficiency in a tissue-specific context [28].
  • Genomic and mutational analysis of the mitochondrial trifunctional protein beta-subunit (HADHB) gene in patients with trifunctional protein deficiency [29].
  • Moreover, the deletion strains did not exhibit the pleiotropic membrane protein deficiency observed with certain envZ mutants [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Protein Deficiency


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