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Gene Review

FRAS1  -  Fraser extracellular matrix complex subunit 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Extracellular matrix protein FRAS1, FLJ14927, FLJ22031, KIAA1500
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Disease relevance of FRAS1


Psychiatry related information on FRAS1


High impact information on FRAS1


Chemical compound and disease context of FRAS1

  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate disease-specific cardiovascular reactivity patterns in patients with fibromyalgia (FM) using a recently described method called fractal and recurrence analysis score (FRAS) [8].

Biological context of FRAS1


Anatomical context of FRAS1

  • The similarity of the phenotypic characteristics among the bleb mouse mutants, together with the fact that Fras1/Frem proteins are co-localized in embryonic epithelial basement membranes, suggest that they operate in a common pathway [9].
  • In sum, our data suggest that perturbations in the composition of the extracellular space underlying epithelia could account for the onset of the blebbed phenotype in mouse and Fraser syndrome manifestation in human [12].
  • Thus, our findings identify Fras1 as an important structural component of the sub-lamina densa of basement membranes required for lobar septation and the organization of blood capillaries in the peripheral lung [13].
  • Expression of Fras1 was detected in the mesothelial cells of the visceral pleura and in the conducting airway epithelia [13].
  • We demonstrate that loss of Fras1 causes alterations in the molecular composition of basement membranes, concomitant with local disruptions of epithelial-endothelial contacts and extravasation of erythrocytes into the embryonic respiratory lumen [13].

Associations of FRAS1 with chemical compounds

  • Based on these predictors, the "Fractal & Recurrence Analysis-based Score" (FRAS) was calculated: FRAS=76.2+0.04*HR-supine-DET -12.9*HR-tilt-R/L -0.31*HR-tilt-s.d. -19.27*PTT-tilt-R/L -9.42*PTT-tilt-WAVE [14].
  • However, the induction of the chronic AP-1 complex and the chronic Fras provides a mechanism capable of underlying long-lasting alterations in gene expression following chronic cocaine treatment [15].

Other interactions of FRAS1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FRAS1


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