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Gene Review

TAL1  -  sedoheptulose-7-phosphate:D-glyceraldehyde...

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: L9638.6, Transaldolase, YLR354C
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Disease relevance of TAL1


High impact information on TAL1


Biological context of TAL1


Anatomical context of TAL1

  • In addition, transketolase, transaldolase, and glucose-6-phosphatase, a known cisternal enzyme, are inactivated by chymotrypsin and subtilisin only in disrupted hepatic microsomes under conditions in which NADPH-cytochrome c reductase, an enzyme on the external surface, is inactivated equally in intact and disrupted microsomes [7].

Associations of TAL1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of TAL1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TAL1

  • Furthermore, both transaldolase isoenzymes which were detected in wild-type crude extracts by immunoblotting were missing in the deletion mutants [6].


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