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Gene Review

GCM1  -  glial cells missing homolog 1 (Drosophila)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Chorion-specific transcription factor GCMa, GCM motif protein 1, GCMA, Glial cells missing homolog 1, hGCMa
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Disease relevance of GCM1

  • GCM1 expression has been shown to affect placental branching and vasculogenesis, abnormalities of which may result in the development of pre-eclampsia [1].
  • Our results suggest that GCM1 is a distinct transcription factor involved in placental disease and altered expression of the GCM1 gene may contribute to the etiology of pre-eclampsia [1].
  • Using G-free reporter constructs carrying multiple copies of wild-type or mutant GCMa-binding site (GBS) in front of a synthetic TATA box, we observed specific transcriptional activities of recombinant hGCMa/1 proteins prepared from a baculovirus--insect cell or Escherichia coli expression system [2].

High impact information on GCM1


Biological context of GCM1


Anatomical context of GCM1


Other interactions of GCM1

  • Median concentrations of PLAC1 and GCM1 mRNA in plasma of pre-eclamptic subjects respectively were 1625 and 2141 copies/ml, significantly higher than 195 and 881 copies/ml, the values for controls (Mann-Whitney test, p<0.001) [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GCM1


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