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Gene Review

DLG5  -  discs, large homolog 5 (Drosophila)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Discs large protein P-dlg, Disks large homolog 5, KIAA0583, LP-DLG, P-DLG5, ...
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Disease relevance of DLG5

  • BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Recent data suggest identification of causal genetic variants for inflammatory bowel disease in the DLG5 gene and in the organic cation transporter (OCTN) cluster, both situated in previously described linkage regions [1].
  • Polymorphisms in the DLG5 and OCTN cation transporter genes in Crohn's disease [1].
  • METHODS: A cohort of 2032 individuals was genotyped for disease-associated OCTN and DLG5 variants, including 981 patients with IBD (CD, n = 769; ulcerative colitis, n = 186; indeterminate colitis, n = 26) followed up at a tertiary IBD center [2].
  • METHODS: Six DLG5 variants (p.R30Q, p.P1371Q, p.G1066G, rs2289308, DLG_e26, p.D1507D) were genotyped in two study populations: (1) German IBD patients (CD n = 250; ulcerative colitis (UC) n = 150) and German healthy controls (n = 422); (2) Hungarian IBD patients (CD n = 144; UC n = 124) and Hungarian healthy controls (n = 205) [3].
  • Investigation of association of the DLG5 gene with psoriatic arthritis [4].

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