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Geniculate Ganglion

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High impact information on Geniculate Ganglion

  • Gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging demonstrates enhancement of the geniculate ganglion and facial nerve [4].
  • In contrast, in young egfr(-/-) mice the abundance of axons innervating fungiform papillae and the normal numbers of geniculate ganglion neurons implicate gustatory epithelial defects rather than neural defects [5].
  • These results indicate that target-derived BDNF and NT4 are not only survival factors for geniculate ganglion neurons, but also have important roles in regulating the development and spatial patterning of fungiform papilla and targeting of taste neurons to these sensory structures [6].
  • Overexpression of BDNF or NT4 caused a 93 and 140% increase, respectively, in the number of geniculate ganglion neurons [6].
  • Tissue DNA extracted from the trigeminal and geniculate ganglia of a newborn and 7 adults was examined by polymerase chain reaction with a pair of VZV-specific primers [7].

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