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  • In patients with blepharoptosis, the peak was 0.69 mm medial to the midline [7].
  • Resection of the superior tarsal muscle (STM) is effective in correcting congenital or acquired blepharoptosis in patients who have satisfactory elevation of the eyelid with a preoperative phenylephrine eye drops test [8].
  • We report on a 17 6/12-year-old boy with nephronophthisis, retinitis pigmentosa, left upper eyelid ptosis, enopthalmos, transmissive deafness, GH and TSH deficiency, and mild skeletal dysplasia [9].
  • Optic atrophy was present in six patients, nystagmus in three, blepharoptosis in one, cataract in one, and limitation on abduction in one [10].
  • METHOD: We reviewed 81 consecutive patients (40 males, 41 females), aged 6 months to 50 years (mean, 12 years) with upper eyelid blepharoptosis who underwent frontalis suspension with Supramid sling surgery at a major eye center [11].

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