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Chemical Compound Review

Supramid     4-amino-N-(5- methoxypyrimidin-2...

Synonyms: Berlicid, Sulfametin, sulfameter, Sulfametorinum, Sulfametoxidine, ...
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Disease relevance of sulfameter

  • METHOD: We reviewed 81 consecutive patients (40 males, 41 females), aged 6 months to 50 years (mean, 12 years) with upper eyelid blepharoptosis who underwent frontalis suspension with Supramid sling surgery at a major eye center [1].
  • A long-term study of intracapsular and extracapsular pseudophakic eyes revealed that the intracapsular pseudophakic eyes had significantly less endothelial cells, which could partly be explained by toxicity of the Supramid used as loop material, but mostly by assuming continuing endothelial disintegration in the intracapsular eyes [2].
  • Attempts to isolate the muscle from other tissues using gelatin sponges or Supramid plastic sleeves have been unsuccessful because of the body's reaction to these permanent foreign bodies [3].
  • Long-term results of modified trabeculectomy with supramid implant for neovascular glaucoma [4].
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis in connection with corneoscleral supramid (nylon) suture knots [5].

High impact information on sulfameter

  • Results with nylon polyfilament cable-type suture ( Supramid Extra) as the suspensory material were compared to results with allogenic fascia lata [6].
  • A frontalis sling procedure for ptosis repair, employing preserved human bank sclera and polyfilament, cable-type, ophthalmic (Supramid Extra) suture in combination has been devised and tried [7].
  • The developed immunoassay is suitable to determine sulfisozole, sulfathiazole, sulfameter, sulfamethoxypyridazine, sulfapyridine, and sulfamethizole below the maximum residue limit in milk (100 ng mL(-1) of total sulfonamides) rapidly and reliably [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Supramid undergoes morphologic degradation by hydrolysis after implantation [9].
  • The finding of greatest concern was multiple erosions seen in the Supramid tube (S. Jackson Inc, Alexandria, Va) that inserts into the endolymphatic sac [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of sulfameter


Biological context of sulfameter

  • If this is unavailable, then Supramid has a proven record for good tissue compatibility and resistance to infection [12].
  • The results show that sulfameter is significantly better absorbed when administered with a high lipid meal than when given with a high protein or high carbohydrate meal, demonstrated by the areas under the serum concentration curves (AUC), by the peak serum concentration and by the cumulative renal excretion [13].
  • To get a better insight into the oral bioavailability of sulphonamides in ruminants, sulphamethoxydiazine (pKa 7.0), sulphathiazole (pKa 7.2), and sulphamoxole (pKa 7.4) were administered to dwarf goats (n = 5) [14].

Anatomical context of sulfameter

  • The Supramid tube was inserted at the corneoscleral limbus 1 to 4 mm into the anterior chamber [15].
  • Twelve rabbits had Proplast (a woven combination of Teflon and organic fibers), Silastic, Supramid polyfilament surgical sheeting, and ear cartilage implanted [16].
  • A comparative discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the Supramid implant vs cartilage grafts and/or repositioning of alar cartilages is presented [17].
  • When the pressure in the maxillary sinus increased, the posterior portion of the supramid plate was pushed upward [18].
  • The remaining tendons were transected and repaired by using a modified Kessler repair with double-stranded 4-0 Supramid suture [19].

Associations of sulfameter with other chemical compounds


Gene context of sulfameter

  • The detailed analysis of different sulfonamides showed a possible association between cardiovascular malformations (adjusted POR with 95%; CI: 6.5, 2.6-15.9), particularly ventricular septal defect (17.1, 1.3-141.1) and sulfamethoxydiazine during the second and third months of pregnancy [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sulfameter


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