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Chemical Compound Review

Edrophonium chloride     ethyl-(3-hydroxyphenyl)- dimethyl-azanium...

Synonyms: Antirex, Enlon, Prestwick_192, Tensilon (TN), CHEMBL1128, ...
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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of edrophonium

  • Due consideration of clinical symptomatology, a Tensilon test, and a trial of immunosuppression may be necessary to establish the diagnosis [21].
  • The tensile and tear strength of carrageenan film from Philippines Eucheuma species were investigated using NEC tensilon universal-testing machine according to American Society for Testing Materials methods [22].
  • METHODS: The patients were studied clinically and with various other tests used in OMG diagnosis (SFEMG, repetitive nerve stimulation, Ab anti AChR titration, tensilon test) [23].
  • A quantitative Tensilon test yeilded a "perverse" response and a needle biopsy indicated Hashimoto's disease [24].
  • After measurement of their baseline phorias and tropias, patients received an intravenous injection of Tensilon via the incremental dose technique until autonomic effects of the drug were noted or until 10 mg was administered [25].


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