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Diet, Cariogenic

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Disease relevance of Diet, Cariogenic


High impact information on Diet, Cariogenic

  • Specific-pathogen-free rats that were infected with ACUS6 and fed a cariogenic diet with drinking water containing 25 mM urea and 50 microM NiCl(2) had relatively high levels of oral urease activity, as well as dramatic decreases in the prevalence of smooth-surface caries and the severity of sulcal caries, relative to controls [2].
  • Rats were fed a highly cariogenic diet containing 56% sucrose for 3 to 5 weeks [3].
  • Atropine delivered in this manner for 24 days was found to decrease protein concentration of parotid saliva (p less than 0.05) elicited by pilocarpine, and to increase smooth-surface caries scores (p less than 0.05) in rats fed a cariogenic diet [4].
  • Rats that had had their submandibular/sublingual glands removed surgically, and their parotid ducts tied, developed fewer and less severe caries lesions on coronal and root surfaces when fed cheese snacks in addition to a cariogenic diet than when fed additional cariogenic snacks or no additional snacks [5].
  • In the first experiment, the rats were fed ad libitum a cariogenic diet containing 20% sucrose and 5% glucose (diet SSP 20/5) and tap water containing 0%, 2%, or 4% xylitol [6].

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